Plug into a Sense of Place and Purpose with Volunteer United

By October 24, 2017Place

United Way of Central Georgia has a new platform to reach volunteers in the midstate. Launched this summer, Volunteer United was created to fill the gap left when Volunteer Macon closed.

Volunteer United provides an online platform to link the needs of the nonprofit community with community members who want to give their time.

“Our mission at United Way is to fight for health, education and financial stability of every person in Central Georgia,” said George McCanless, president and CEO of United Way of Central Georgia. “Meaningful solutions to these needs require more than money or programs or policies. Real and lasting change that benefits everyone is only possible when people from all walks of life are willing to get involved and go where their time and talent is most needed.”

McCanless said not to underestimate the impact just one volunteer can have on a community.

“When you volunteer, in many cases you are helping someone who would not get help otherwise. That might be a child who needs a tutor, or a mentor, or a soup kitchen that may not be able to feed people,” McCanless said. “And volunteering doesn’t just make a difference in their life, it can make an even greater difference in the life of the volunteer. Helping others has been proven to help reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and provide a sense of purpose.”

In the two months since its launch, Volunteer United has become a hub of activity for volunteer services in Central Georgia.

McCanless said the newly created online platform is a “one stop shop where all non-profits can communicate their needs, and where interested citizens can search and find the right opportunity for them.”

The site has about 100 agencies listing more than 107 opportunities for volunteer service and there are more than 350 volunteers active in the system, according to United Way. Some of the agencies represented through Volunteer United include the American Heart Association, Campus Clubs, Daybreak, local hospice programs, Macon Outreach, Sav A Pet, the Methodist Home and many more.

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